2020 Projects

All projects approved for 2020 are listed here. Because of restrictions and challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, investigators have the option of deferring proposed work until 2021. The 24 projects listed involve nearly 40 investigators from 35 institutions in 10 states.

Jeff Atkins (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.), Elizabeth Agee (Oak Ridge National Lab), Elizabeth LaRue (Purdue University), and Atticus Stovall (NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center). “Microclimatic Response of Old-Growth Forests in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Extreme Heat Events” (2nd year)

Xiaoyong Chen and Mary Carrington (Governor’s State University). “Influence of invasive earthworms on soil structure and function in forests of the Huron Mountains, Michigan.” (2nd year)

Emily Fleissner (Univ. of Minnesota – Duluth). “Investigating the Changes in Fish Behavior in Response to Anthropogenic Activity.” new project.

Patrick Gorring (Michigan State Univ.). “Continued evaluation of managed forest beetle communities and a century of beetle surveys.” (8th year)

Rachel Headley, Jessica Orlofske (Univ. of Wisconsin – Riverside), and Christopher Tyrrell (Milwaukee Public Museum). ” Sediment-Ecology linkages: Riverine biotic communities from the ground up.” new project.

Erika Hersch-Green (Michigan Technological Univ.) “Temporal occurrence of the invasive spotted-winged drosophila in wild berry species in the Huron Mountains“. 2nd year

David Houghton (Hillsdale College) “Testing river continuity in the Pine River watershed.” new project, building on previous work.

Casey Huckins (Michigan Technological Univ.) ” Response of Aquatic Macroinvertebrates to Experimental Reduction of Aggraded Anthropogenic Streambed Sand in the Coaster Brook Trout Spawning Site in the Salmon Trout River.” continuation of long-term project

Harrison Jones and Scott Robinson (Univ. of Florida), “Changes in boreal bird communities across two decades of anthropogenic change.” new project, based on studies from 1998-99.

Donna Kashian (Wayne State Univ.). “Continuation of a Long Term Data Set to Detect Changes in Water Quality Associated with Anthropogenic Disturbance.” continuing, long-term

Susan Knight (Univ. of Wisconsin, Center for Limnology Trout Lake Station). “Huron Mountain Club aquatic plant inventory.” new project.

Stephen Kolomyjec (Lake Superior State Univ.). “Freshwater sponges of the Huron Mountains.” new project.

Jalene LaMontagne (DuPaul Univ.). “Mast-seeding dynamics in the southern range of a boreal forest species.” ninth year.

Evan Larson (Univ. of Wisconsin – Platteville), Daniel Cziczo (Purdue Univ.), and Rose-Marie Muzika (Carnegie Museum). “Approaching a Climate and Precipitation Paleoclimatology for the Huron Mountain Club and Upper Great Lakes Region.” new project.

Cory McDonald (Michigan Technological Univ.). “Anthropogenic reactive nitrogen deposition to remote lakes in the upper Great Lakes region.” new project.

Karen Murchie (Shedd Aquarium). “Monitoring of fish migration timing and cues in Great Lakes tributaries.” 4th year

Rose-Marie Muzika (Carnegie Museum) and Walter Carson (University of Pittsburgh). “Can browsing refugia serve as source pools to help restore biodiversity: Battling the ghost of herbivory past.” 5th year

Fritz Nelson (Northern Michigan Univ) and Ken Hinkel (Michigan Technological Univ.). “The Huron Mountain Climate Observation Network.” 16th year

Dennis Riege (independent investigator). “Effects of beaver cutting on vegetation in a Fisher Creek permanent plot.” 8th year

Elizabeth Swanner (Iowa State Univ.), Chad Wittkop (Minnesota State Univ. – Mankato), “Microbial pathways of iron and methane cycling in ferruginous Canyon Lake.” 7th year

Cody Thompson (Univ. of Michigan). “Assessing hybridization in flying squirrels (Glaucomys) of the Huron Mountains.” 5th year

Don Waller (Univ. of Wisconsin – Madison), “Monitoring impacts of white-tailed deer on forest communities“. 10th year

Thomas Werner (Michigan Technological Univ.). “Species distribution shifts of drosophilids and lepidopterans.” 3rd year

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