2018 projects

Here’s the list of active projects supported by the Huron Mountain Wildlife Foundation for 2018:

Continuing Projects:

Walter Carson, University of Pittsburgh, and Rose-Marie Muzika, University of Missouri, “Can browsing refugia serve as source pools to help restore biodiversity?” 5th year

Oliver Gailing and Jennifer Sanders, Michigan Technological University. “Genetic identification of Northern pin oak (Quercus ellipsoidalis E. J. Hill) and genetic differentiation from Quercus rubra L. at adaptive genes in the Huron Mountain Wildlife Reserve.” 2nd year

Nyeema Harris, University of Michigan, “The Mesoniche Project; studying mesopredator communities.” 3rd year

Donna Kashian and Corey Krabbenhorst, Wayne State University, “A Decadal Assessment of Anthropogenic Impacts to Streams of the Northern Michigan Watersheds.” 9th year

Jalene LaMontagne, DuPaul University, “Mast-seeding dynamics in the southern range of a boreal forest species.” 7th year

Karen Murchie, Shedd Aquarium, “Monitoring of fish migration timing and cues in Great Lakes tributaries.” 2nd year

Fritz Nelson and Ken Hinkel, Northern Michigan University and Michigan Technological University. ” The Huron Mountain Climate Observation Network.” 14th year

Dennis Riege, University of Maryland – University College, “Effects of beaver cutting on vegetation in a Fisher Creek permanent plot,” and “Establishment of seedlings of white pine and hemlock in late-successional white pine- hemlock- hardwood forests of the Upper Midwest.” 5th and 8th year

Elizabeth Swanner, Chad Wittkop and Sergei Katsev, Iowa State University, Minnesota State – Mankato, University of Minnesota – Duluth, “Microbial pathways of iron and methane cycling in ferruginous Canyon Lake.” 3rd year

Steven Techtmann, Michigan Technological University, “Natural abundance and diversity of biocide-resistant microbes in pristine environments.” 2nd year

Cody Thompson, University of Michigan, “Assessing hybridization in flying squirrels (Glaucomys) of the Huron Mountains.” 3rd year

Steve Voelker, Marie Chavarie, and Andrew Muir, Utah State University and Michigan State University. “Insights on Synchronous Temperature Responses of Lake Trout and Trees at the Huron Mountain Club.” 2nd year

Don Waller and Sarah Johnson, University of Wisconsin – Madison and Northland College, ” Monitoring impacts of white-tailed deer on forest communities.” 6th year

Bradley Wells and Casey Huckins, Michigan Technological University. “Influence of fine sediments on intra- and interspecific competition in salmonids.” 2nd year

Thomas Werner, Michigan Technological University, “Species distribution shifts of drosophilids and lepidopterans – a quantitative longterm study to assess the influence of climate change on insect populations.” 4th year

Evelyn Williams, Chicago Botanic Garden, “Longterm tracking of Botrychium S.S. ferns: demography and morphology.” 9th year

New Projects

David Flagel, Notre Dame Environmental Research Center, “Generation of Anti-Predator Behaviors in White-tailed Deer using Gray Wolf Olfactory and Vocal Cues.”

Patrick Gorring, Harvard University, “Next generation phylogenomic research method development based on Huron Mountain Club beetle specimens.

Erika Hersch-Green, Michigan Technological University, “Genetic, phenotypic, and community diversity associated with a hemiparasite annual plant, Melampyrum lineare.

Susan Knight, University of Wisconsin – Madison, “Exploring Howe Lake Pond Lily ‘Fairy Rings‘ “.

Diana Lafferty and Erin McKenney, Northern Michigan University and North Carolina State University, “Assessing the link between forest disturbance and carnivore gut microbial diversity.”

Scott Warner and Frank Telewski, Michigan State University, “How will climate change and latitude interact to affect tree species in the Great Lakes Region?

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