Past HMWF newsletters can be accessed below.  Topics of lead stories are listed for more recent issues.  In general, summer issues include updates on research program and winter issues include reports on annual meeting and recent publications, theses, and presentations resulting from HMWF studies.

Summer 2011 Newsletter

Winter 2011 Newsletter

Summer 2012 Newsletter

Summer 2013 Newsletter

Winter 2013 Newsletter

Summer 2014 Newsletter

Winter 2014 Newsletter

Summer 2015 Newsletter

Wintr 2015 Newsletter

Summer 2016 Newsletter

Winter 2016 Newsletter

Summer 2017 Newsletter    Diversity of moths and butterflies

Winter 2017 Newsletter    Cycles of cone production in spruce

Summer 2018 Newsletter    ‘Meso-carnivore’ communities of the Huron Mountains

Winter 2018 Newsletter    Spawning migrations of suckers

Summer 2019 Newsletter    Tree-ring studies

Winter 2019 Newsletter    Flying squirrel populations and genetics

Summer 2020 Newsletter    65 years of HMWF

Winter 2020 Newsletter      Long-term climate studies

Summer 2021 Newsletter     Science-art collaboration

Winter 2021 Newsletter Long-term studies of bird communities

Summer 2022 Newsletter Boulder refugia for forest-understory species

Winter 2022/2023 Newsletter First Ives Lake research conference

Summer 2023 Newsletter Infrastructure and caddisflies

Winter 2023 Newsletter Costello stream ecosystem function

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