Ives Lake Field Station

stone house small

The Stone House at the Ives Lake Field Station

The Huron Mountain Wildlife Foundation maintains the Ives Lake Field Station northwest of Big Bay, MI.  Housing and work space are available to researchers in the Stone House (above) and adjacent Thorpe House.  The Field Station offers easy access to the approximately 8000 ha holdings of the Huron Mt. Club.

The Field Station provides ample general-purpose work-space for researchers, including basic wet-lab facilities.  Researchers are generally expected to bring their own field and lab equipment, but the Foundation provides several microscopes (dissecting and compound), a small freezer for samples, and a library of local natural history resources.

The Station is ‘off-grid’, with power supplied by a photovoltaic array with a propane generator back-up.  Cellular service is weak to nonexistent, but available not far from the Station.  Internet access/wifi is available via satellite link.

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