2016 projects

The 23 projects listed here as active in 2016 involve researchers from more than 25 institutions and a dozen states.  Asterisks indicate seven new projects for 2016. More information about particular projects is available in the summer 2016 newsletter, and some projects are addressed in blog entries.

Earth and Climate Science:

*Christopher Anderson (Auburn University): “Evaluating the influence of forest land use on watershed drainage density in the Northern Lakes and Forest Ecoregion of northern Michigan”

Fritz Nelson and Ken Hinkel (Northern Michigan University, University of Cincinnati): “The Huron Mountain climate observation network”.

Chad Wittkop (Minnesota State University – Mankato): “Constraining pathways of methane, nutrient, and iron cycling in ferruginous Canyon Lake”

Biodiversity Inventory and Population Genetics:

James Bess: “Moths and leafhoppers of Huron Mt. balds and barrens.”

Patrick Gorring (Harvard University): “Continued survey of weevils and exploration of effects of jack pine cut on beetle communities”

*Stephen Techtmann (Michigan Technological University): “Natural abundance and diversity of biocide-resistant microbes in pristine environments”

*Cody Thompson (University of Michigan): “Assessing hybridization in flying squirrels (Glaucomys) of the Huron Mountains”.

Thomas Werner (Michigan Technological University): “The Lepidoptera and Drosophilidae of the Huron Mountains”

Mark Wetzel (Illinois Natural History Survey): “Diversity surveys for annelid worms”

Terrestrial Population and Community Ecology:

Greg Corace (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service): “Restoration of fire-dependent mixed-pine forests: effect on bird communities, forest structure”

*Alex Dye and Amy Hessl (West Virginia University): “Developing long-term records of annual woody productivity for Upper Midwest old-growth forests using tree rings”

Oliver Gailing (Michigan Technological University): “Patterns of seed dispersal in red oak species assessed at maternally inherited chloroplast DNA markers.”

*Carmen Greenwood (SUNY-Cobleskill): “Survey of Nicrophorus spp. “Burying beetle” (Coleoptera: Silphidae) community composition.”

*Nyeema Harris (University of Michigan): “Mesoniche project: mesocarnivore community assembly”

Jalene LaMontagne (DePaul University): “Mast-seeding dynamics in the southern range of a boreal forest species.”

Rose-Marie Muzika and Walter Carson (University of Missouri, Pittsburgh University): “Can browsing refugia serve as source pools to help restore biodiversity”

Dennis Riege (University of Maryland – University College): “Effects of beaver cutting on vegetation in a Fisher Creek permanent plot.” and “Dynamics in late-successional white pine-hardwood forests of the Upper Midwest – third remeasurement.”

Donald Waller (University of Wisconsin – Madison): “Monitoring impacts of white-tailed deer on forest communities”

Evelyn Williams (Chicago Botanic Garden): “Long-term tracking of Botrychium ferns: demography and morphology.”

Aquatic Ecology and Ecosystem Studies:

David Costello (Kent State University): “Primary production in Huron Mountain streams: trace metal use and spatial variability”

Donna Kashian (Wayne State University): “Development of a Long-Term Database to Assess Anthropogenic Impacts to Streams of the Northern Michigan Watersheds ”

*Gayle McGlynn (Trinity College, Dublin): “Establishing ecological reference conditions in remote regions to assess the effects of recent anthropogenic activity in the Lake Superior basin”

Scott Tiegs (Oakland University): “Influence of landscape-scale variables on functional integrity of northern Michigan streams.”

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