All-Taxa Biodiversity Inventory

After more than fifty years of surveys of many taxonomic groups, the biodiversity of the Huron Mountains is unusually well-documented. This All-Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (ATBI) draws on data from Foundation research reports to compile a complete list of all taxa so far recorded from the lands of the Huron Mt. Club.   The ATBI is updated periodically; the most recent can be downloaded here:

ATBI v. Aug 2016

Cite as:

Woods, K.D. (Compiler). 2016. An all-taxa biodiversity inventory of the Huron Mountain Club. Version August 2016. Occasional papers of the Huron Mountain Wildlife Foundation, No. 5. [DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.3690.1602]


This is the eighth compilation since 2006; earlier versions are available from the Foundation’s Director of Research on request.

Currently, the listing includes 5175 species  — an increase of 274 since the January 2015 update.  Major additions include: several dozen caddisflies (Insecta:Trichoptera), several dozen endophytic fungi (identified to genus only), and nearly 200 new species of moths (Insecta:Lepidoptera) supplementing a similar addition in the previous year.  Here is a breakdown by major taxonomic group:

Cyanobacteria (‘blue-green algae’) 25
Miscellaneous taxa of ‘algae’ 82
Chlorophyta (‘green algae’) 116
Bryophyta sensu lato (mosses and liverworts) 370
Tracheophyta (vascular plants) 834
Lichens 326
Fungi – Deuteromycota 25
Fungi – Chytridiomycota 38
Fungi – Zygomycota 10
Fungi – Ascomycota 103
Fungi – Basidiomycota 703
Animalia – Miscellaneous phyla of invertebrates 66
Animalia – Phylum Mollusca 63
Animalia – Miscellaneous Arthropods 83
Animalia – Class Insecta 1955
Animalia – Vertebrates 376

The full species list, with taxonomic hierarchy is also available in spreadsheet format on request to the Foundation’s Director.

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