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SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT CORONAVIRUS:  We were able to complete a productive 2020 field season with scaled-back occupancy at the Ives Lake Field Station.  Thanks to all researchers for efforts to work with us to keep the station a safe environment. 

At this time (Dec. 2020), we can’t commit to a ‘normal’ field season for 2021, but we hope that vaccines will have reached sufficiently general distribution that we’ll be able to open the station in May with minimal restrictions.  At this time, our worst-case scenario would be a season much like 2020.  We will keep investigators updated as we learn more.

This page provides information for investigators interested in conducting research under the auspices of the Huron Mountain Widlife Foundation.  HMWF  provides:

  • logistical support through the Ives Lake Field Station
  • research access to the extensive holdings of the Huron Mt. Club
  • access to a limited number of  small research grants.

For HMWF sponsorship a  research proposal must be submitted to the Director of Research.   The target date for proposals is 1 February of each year.  Later proposals will be considered if no funding is requested and as facilities permit.  If you are considering a proposal to HMWF, please read this document.

What kinds of research are appropriate?

  •  HMWF sponsors field-based, natural-science research focusing on the lands and waters of the Lake Superior region, particularly the area of the Huron Mountains.
  • We support both descriptive research (particularly documentation of biodiversity) and hypothesis-driven/experimental projects
  • Experimental approaches that involve significant alteration of the pristine landscape of the Huron Mts. are generally not appropriate
  • Long-term studies, studies taking advantage of the ‘reference ecosystem’ attributes of the Huron Mts., and projects springing from existing data-sets are particularly desirable.

What protocols and procedures are required?

Because most HMWF researchers make use of the private natural area of the Huron Mt. Club, field methods and protocols must take into account both potential impacts on the unaltered, ‘reference’ ecosystems of the Huron Mts. and the values of the Huron Mt. Club.   HMWF’s agreement with the Club permits, within bounds, experimental research and installation of monitoring/sampling equipment.  However, researchers should consider  these guidelines  in preparing research proposals.

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