Research Area

HMWF sponsors research using the lands and waters of the Lake Superior basin generally, but with particular focus and priority on studies of the Huron Mountain region of northern Marquette Co., MI.  This is a particularly pristine area embedded in a much larger region with very little development.  It includes an unusually wide array of terrestrial and aquatic habitats.  Terrestrial habitats range from mesic forests, to dry, sandy outwash plains dominated by jack pine, to extensive granite and sandstone outcropping areas.  Aquatic and shore-line habitats range from the cliffs and beaches of Lake Superior’s coast to a wide range of inland bogs, wetlands, streams, and lakes.

Most HMWF-sponsored projects make use, in particular, of the lands of the Huron Mountain Club.  This private holding of more than 8000 ha includes most of this range of habitats in unusually pristine condition.  About half of the Club lands support old-growth forests.  The Foundation provides exclusive research access to Huron Mt. Club lands; because access is limited and the lands are patrolled, research sites are unusually safe from interference.

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